Shift-R (repeat tagging) not working in latest JOSM

In JOSM v.12914 and its predecessor, the very useful functionality of the Shift-R shortcut key has changed. It now requires a separate additional click on a newly created object in order to apply those same tags to another one. I’ve reported the issue by filing a bug report but I’m curious to learn more about the timeline for fixing it. I got an acknowledgment email and then one saying that the bug had already been reported by another user. I downloaded v.12914 after that report but it has the same problem.

Can anyone speak to the status of this bug? I use the Shift-R shortcut constantly and I truly miss it.


whats the ticket number?

Here is the ticket for the first report and was filed 4 months ago! I noticed the bug a long time ago and was too lazy to report it, assuming that something this important would be fixed quickly.

My bug report was correctly marked as a duplicate.