Share your mappy community’s mapathon/mapping party/meetup this new year! 🗺️

Hi community,

Happy new year! **Have you had your first or are planning for your first mappy community’s mapathon/mapping party/meetup (online or in-person) this 2024? **

Share them in this thread! And ask questions if you are an organizer and need support! :thread: :world_map: :heart_on_fire: :dizzy::arrow_down:

I’ll share mine: We held #OSMPHarin2024: OSM Philippines community year-starter mapping party last Saturday! ! :philippines: :world_map: :dizzy:

Also sharing my OSM Diary here: arnalielsewhere's Diary | #OSMPHarin2024 - mappy is a fun activity!🇵🇭 🗺️ 💫 | OpenStreetMap

How about you? Share your mapping parties/mapathons/meetup’s in this thread! :slight_smile: :arrow_down:


Also shared this in X/Twitter and Mastodon[(arnalie: "Share your mappy community’s first mapathon/mappi…" - OSM Town | Mapstodon for OpenStreetMap)!

Here are some responses :smiley:

From @Romeo_Ronald and OSM South Sudan:
Our first years mappy.m meet up this year! This was during the mapathon and we still can’t be more excited about this day!

From @Erick_tamba and Youthmappers SMCOSE (Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) - Morogoro, Tanzania United Republic):
Here are great memories of our first Mapathon at @SMCoSEYM early 2019 . Great team led by @Sahilkidd and @KimamboGift. Cheers to @youthmappers and open mapping communities for the continued support. !:clinking_glasses:

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¤¤¤¤ :earth_americas:Great news…:tada::star_struck: