Shall one map long stairs on a hiking path?

I went to a hiking path with stairs. To be precise multiple “steps” within the hiking track.

I’m relatively new here. Does it make sense to map this as stairs or is there a good reason why no one has done it yet?


Short answer: I would map it.

I could imagine that’s it’s also a good information for time calculation in a router.


Thanks, I’ll do so :+1:

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I personally tag such parts of the paths as stairs aswell, as long as those steps are kinda close to each other and not like 2 meters from each other.

Yes, map them, add step_count too. Keep individual stairs separate. For some walkers/hikers stairs are an extra impediment (notably, for people like me with COPD, a chronic lung disease), but there are plenty of other groups of walkers who need to know (can I take my child in a stroller or do I need a sling? etc.)


Mapping way at all gives you say 85% of info, so mapping entire path is better than mapping half bit with steps marked.

So first pass if often mapped without such detail. But it can be detailed later.