as I can see, there are the islands Mahé, Praslin and some small ones on the map - La Digue is missing.

From my last holiday I do have two GPX-tracks called “Pasquiere Track” and “Salazie Track”, that are only for pedestrians (with a good condition). Next year I will b ther again and can record some streets in the north of Mahé, on Praslin and on La Digue - don’t know exactly how many time I will have for this.

Are these tracks interesting for the OSm project? Is there someome having enough data to draw the outline of La Digue?


I guess you can use the webbased editor with aerial photography to add a simplified island shape, then use your current tracklogs to add the footpaths and next year some streets… Almost every tracklog is useful for this project.

You have a good satelite image of the Seychelles, so you can probably find people to draw coastlines and streets. But you will need alot of names/point of interests collected on location.