Several newbie questions


I’m only getting started using OSM, and have a bunch of newbie questions:

  1. How to know if a train line is actually still in operation? For instance, it seems like this train line that leaves Orléans eastward and ends around Les Bordes is actually closed.

  2. How to know if a train line is for passengers or freight?

  3. Can OpenStreetMap display train stations as big, visible icons in a region, so I know that a train station is close to where I’d like to go without zooming in and out a bunch of times around the area?

  4. I like Google Maps’ simpler look: Is MapQuest the simplest view available?

  5. Is there a way to add a pin to a location so that I can simply send a URL to friends even to show them a location that has no precise address?

  6. Is it possible to hide the left-side column in OSM (the part that says “OpenStreetMap The Free Wiki World Map”)

  7. Is it possible to configure OSM to available default to showing maps with a given layer (eg. OpenCycleMap)?

  8. What is the easiest way to add locations and/or correct errors seen in OSM?

  9. Is it possible to download maps for offline use?

Thanks for any information.

Ohh, many many questions … but we will make you enlarge your knowledge.

Due to a lack of time myself, I do recommend two websites:

Try to search for each keyword in your list of questions.

Then please come back here, and tell us points still open.