Several maps on the same Etrex?


I’d like to have several styles of map on my etrex legen hcx, but all for the same area. For example: one routable map to help me drigving somewhere, a “noname” style map to find missing name of street (and help me improving OSM data quality) and a cycle-focused map.
Does anyone know if its possible to put several maps in the same gmapsupp.img, and then be able to individually disable those I don’t want to display at a time, through the Etrex menus?
When I have just one map in gmspsupp.img, I’ve seen that I can already disable it, and return to the default (very coarse worldwide) map of the Etrex through the menus.
One solution could be to have several microSD cards, but I’m reluctant to do that because my daily recorded trace would then be split into several files (one per card) and swaping microSD not practical to do on the spot with bike hand gloves.:frowning:

Any ideas?

It’s possible to do in MapSource, but for that you need to be able to import the maps into MapSource.

The sendmap program can combine maps into one gmapsupp image, but AFAIK you can not select individual maps from the resulting image in the GPS.

If there’s another solution I would also like to know it :slight_smile:


You can do it with a 60CSX like this. From the map page press the menu button, then right or left arrow to the “i” icon in the circle. That gives me a list of all the individual map sections on my GPS. You can turn them on or off by selecting the map name and pressing enter.

Pressing Menu again lets you turn off an entire map “product” like “Homemade maps” or “City Navigator”.

With luck you’ll find an analogous solution on your Etrex.

The Etrex Vista is the same as I have several maps created with mkgmap and then have uploaded them via mapsource.
Then in “map setup” bring up the menu and disable/enable the maps as required. Searching POI seems to look at all maps even if they are not enabled.


I’m struggling a bit to understand this. If I have multiple gmspsupp.img maps, how can I put them on the same SD card? They are called the same thing, so one will replace the other, correct? Or do I have to open these in MapSource and “rename” them somehow, so I can put more than one map on an SD?

I don’t quite understand.

Thanks for any advice.

No. It’s one img file containing several maps.

As the other post says a gmapsupp.img file is a container file that can contain lots of individual maps. The gmapsupp.img file is not really a map itself.

There are programs around that will manipulate these gmapsupp.img files. I often use one call gmaptool ( This can extract the individual map files from a gmapsupp.img file or combine multiple gmapsupp.img files (or individual maps) to create a new gmapsupp.img file. If you use it to combine your individual gmapsupp.img files then you can just put the combined gmapsupp.img file on the SD card.

Mapsource can also create a combined gmapsupp.img file, but seems to require the individual maps and things like an overview map (which is effectively a map of the individual maps) to work. You can create these from the contents of a gmapsupp.img file but it always seems hard work to me.

Okay, I get it now. Thanks a lot for the replies!