Setting up my New Android App with OAuth on Open Street


I need to Setup OAuth to be able to edit Map so that our Field sales guys can map the Retailer Locations using our Android App

I am not able to figure out if I should Use Oauth1 or Oauth2 for the Android App and What values of the parameters i should set up

I intend to use this methods to work with map data

OsmConnection osm = new OsmConnection(“”, “blub”, null);
osm.makeRequest(“doesntMatter”, null, ApiResponseReader());

I am relatively new to Open Street Use on Android
Any Help will ne appreciated



Before getting to that, I’d suggest you start here: Organised Editing Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki & the attached pages.


Thanks for your feedback I went thro the posting guidelines etc

I really appreciate your guidance and your concern towards keeping the Map data consistent. Indeed I share the same concerns that the data uploaded by the contributors should be consistent to keep the map data usable.

We will take all the precautions to make sure it remains consistent

Thanks and Regards

Why on earth would you want to write your own app for such a mundane task? Choosing how to authorize the app is going to be the least of the problems you are going to encounter. There a number of apps that can add new POIs in a safe manner that your co-employee can use.

I suspect that the answer is “because it’s an interesting task, and they can learn interesting things while trying to do it”. I share some of your skepticism about the overall level of difficulty of the task, but don’t think that that’s a reason to dismiss the idea out of hand.

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