Setting up a Sorbian map

Hello! I am looking for somebody, who would be willing to set up and host a map in Upper Sorbian (hsb). The person, who hosted the Sorbian map so far (the only one online), is not willing to do so anymore. It wouldn’t be necessary to render the whole planet, actually the German states of Saxony and Brandenburg as well as some bordering regions in Poland and Czechia would be enough. I myself don’t have an own server and no technical experience on setting up a tile server and so on. So maybe someone is ready to help us, for the sake of a small language :slight_smile:


Hm, what exacly do you want to do?

Would it be possible to use a different setup (name:hsb instead of name:de) of the l10n feature I use in german style?

I think it might be possible to host this on the German tileserver.

OK, it’s me again. I found a method to restrict the rendering of a certain style to a given area (currently bounding-box, but shapefiles would also be possible). So you are welcome as a side-project on the German tileserver.

Just contact me directly (email prefered) to sort out the details.