Sessionfile loads old version of JOSM

I have updated to JOSM 18118.
And have also installed the OpenWebStart (but have problem with the installation).

In JOSM I have saved a session file (Windows 10).
When I start JOSM by double clicking on the session file, an old version of JOSM starts (18004).

Check you Windows-Settings regarding which App (JOSM-Version) is associated with .joz-Files

Your suggestion is probably good, but I have no idea which Windows setting I should check.
I have tried to search for it in the control panel, but can’t find anything about java start-up files.

If you double click on a file in Windows, Windows checks which application is associated to the file type (file-extension). Must be somewhere in your Windows-Settings under “Default apps…” (sorry, don’t have English Windows here). There you should find a list of file-extensions (look for .joz) and the associated default app. I assume .joz-files is associated with the older JOSM-Version still installed somewhere on your system.

Thanks for your response, but after I did a reinstall of JOSM with the windows installer, execution of JOSM via a sessions file works ok.