Service road/un-maintained roads questions

Hi All,

A lot of the roads in my area (Wasco County, Oregon) tagged as “Service” or “Unmaintained/Track” are mostly or completely on private land (i.e., going into farmers fields or orchards). Should these be removed? I know it really annoys our local landowners when people drive through their orchards thinking it’s a public road, but I don’t know if there are other layers that refer to this road class.


Hi. Private roads should be tagged with access=private.

I’d recommend leaving those roads there. Routers will not direct people on either service or track unless it’s either the only way to the destination or the driver has selected an off-road routing mode.

But if they’re known to be on private land, it would be helpful to mark those as access=private , because they could connect two public off-road tracks that people would use in off-road mode.