Service=busway on bus route relation: Meaningless?

Cleaning up busway tagging I noticed a number of bus routes (particularly in France, but also in Germany) have the tag service=busway: overpass turbo

Does anyone know if this means anything? It seems like a tagging mistake to me.

It seems like a tagging mistake to me.

by looking at the distribution I don’t think it’s a tagging mistake :wink:

It’s alternative tagging, the wiki says it’s deprecated: Tag:highway=service - OpenStreetMap Wiki
and you should use highway=busway

Well I was thinking that it might mean something given how it is used in large area for many of the same object.

But I’m referring to how it is used on these route relations, not any of the roads they run on.

The page you link talks about ways, while this topic is exclusively about relations.

I suspect this is a tagging mistake, the same way that highway=* sometimes ends up on route relations.