Server partially down?

Hi there
I cannot obtain executable files. Only a Zip file with tiles and a Metadata. Is the server down?
Any idea when it will be up again?

Which server do you mean (and what files)?

If it can be a beginning of an answer: the rendering process does seem to be rather slow, and has been for a couple of weeks in my observation. But I have no indication that any service should be down, at the contrary I find everything working as usual - even if, sometimes somewhat slower. For a free service, that is nothing to complain about, at the contrary.

For more precise answers it will indeed be required to ask more specific questions.
What exactly are you trying to achieve, and what are your actions?

Paulo, are you perhaps talking about Because your problem sounds familiar…

I am also observing this problem for Denmark in Europe - usually there is an .exe file for download and installation as well as other files but now I see only one .zip file. It seems that a number of files is missing.

Hi there.
I messed up. I wanted to contact “

I want to download maps for a certain country. at, normally It delivers several options for download tiles, exe for Mapsource, etc. Now that I tried again it only delivers a zip file with img tiles and metadata.
I apologize for the mix up of the sites.
In any case do you know to whom I can address this question?

Thank you

That server has been having problems for a number of years. Have a look at some of the previous threads (such as and the suggestions in them such as to use a different source from

Maybe a sticky post warning people about this malfunctioning website is in order?

You can add some alternative websites at this sticky topic Jilles:
I doubt if people read those stickies though, they keep on posting the same questions.


Hi there.
The site I wanted ( looks as it again fully functional.
Downloading is now slow, but it is probably by many downloads being done today to catch up with the all the pending requests.
Thank for your answers.