Separate forum section for Overpass API and QL in OpenStreetMap forum

Overpass API and query language is great and flexible tool for search in OpenStreetMap database! But seems Overpass miss his own public place for ask questions and search answers to already asked popular questions - as I research, it have only Wiki.

So most of people asking OverPass-related questions in general OpenStreetMap’s Questions and Answers here: mixing them with OSM questions.

Will be good to make a separate section in OpenStreetMap forum for Overpass questions, can you please make it? Thanks!

It’s possible, the question is how many of thema are there?

I can’t tell the exact number, but think that in near future community will fill this section with useful content, because many have questions, related to overpass, and can’t find in Google any right place do ask and discuss them. So let’s do this place in OpenStreetMap forum for those people!

I see already about 300 topics, related to overpass in main forum section: and much more in other sections.