Self-service trailer rentals

I’ve seen these trailer rentals pop up in a lot of places. Now I’m trying to figure out how to tag them.

There are a few related tags, e.g. shop=trailer, rental=yes, self_service=only. From what I can see no combination of the above really describes the situation accurately:

  • rental
  • only trailers
  • outdoors/not in a shop
  • completely self-service

Any suggestions?

For a business exclusively renting out cars the tag is amenity=car_rental. It can be used without shop=*. Following this tagging your selv_service trailer rental would tag as

amenity=trailer_rental (undocumented but used some 25 times)

followed by tags for payment methods, brand, operator etc. etc.

Not commenting on the idea but curious?

How are they secured, then “unlocked” so you can take one away?

Thanks, that seems reasonable!

I haven’t tried it myself, but my guess is that it has an internet connection and it’s unlocked remotely. The website says “The [booking] link is your digital key!”

It sounds a very niche business as it relies on having a towbar, with associated electrics fitted to the vehicle. Something only a very small number of vehicles have. Only those who already own a trailer or caravan are likely to have had a towbar fitted.