Self-service dog washing station tagging


beside a self service laundry, there a self service dog washing station.

looking at the wiki I only found Key:dog_washing - OpenStreetMap Wiki which is a boolean dog_washing=yes\no to set the presence of this in specific case in car washing station.

taginfo did not help either.

Should I tag this amenity=dog_washing which do not exist) or is there another method ?


Why not handle it the same way as the dog wash stations being attached to car washin facilities? Just add the tag dog_washing=yes to the laundry shop.

If you don’t like that, the tag amenity=dog_washing has been used 1x so far, amenity=dog_wash 22x.

I would also prefer the stand-alone entry:


The idea of sad dog eyes looking at me through the porthole of a washing machine is a bit cruel…