Selected maps restricted - deleted - reduced ?

Hello; I loaded a map (Thank You) onto my Garmin Oregon, but it’s much smaller than the area I selected? I did
this twice with the same result?

Is there a limit to the map size that is different from the memory card size? How do you select a larger area?
The whole U.S. for example or even a region (SW USA)…?

Second; even though I loaded the two maps onto a single SD card, only one showed up on the Garmin. Is
there a way for combine the multiple maps? Thank You again… mdg

Please tell us first where you have downloaded the mapfiles from, and also the exact name of the map files.

Next to this, all needed information about the use of OSM based maps on a Garmin device should be collected in the OSM wiki at

Does that help?

Hi Stephan; Thank You for your help… I selected and loaded the files from; My first selection included the entire State of California, but only the top half showed up. I tried the same selection from So. California first., and only this half showed up…? (I would obviously like to choose the entire US map.)… After downloading these two files to my Garmin Oregon 550, only one could be read at a time, requiring Two downloads to Two Micro SD cards… Can two files be combined? Is there a bug, where only a very limited geographical area can be selected? Thank You again for your help… BTW; the So. Cal. map works perfectly… TY mdg