"Segment codes exist in other maps too" error, same name, diff tiles

I recently had frustrations trying to install multiple openfietsmap(lite) exe files, even after changing the name and ID of already installed maps in JaVaWa. Kept getting the “this program is already installed” message. But that’s another story.

I decided to install default region maps to make it easier since those have pre-assigned, unique ID’s. After I downloaded part of Germany that I selected using tiles, I downloaded all of Austria to avoid the error above. I ran JaVaWa and got the error “Segment codes exist in other maps too”. I checked the tile coverage and the affected tiles are totally different tiles but have the same name. The maps work in Base Camp fine. The maps seem to be in working order on the GPS. However I can’t do an actual field test as I am in the US.

Wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem and if it ended up working on their device. I’m just afraid that when I get out there and use the maps, they might act up. Like swap tiles form map-to-map or something. I will be following tracks on my GPS, not using a route. I’m hoping this will allow things to run smoothly. Using a Garmin GPSMAP 64s.

Thanks for all your help, and thanks to the people that make programs like this possible!