Seeking recommendations for introductory books about OpenStreetMap

I am currently learning the basics of OpenStreetMap (OSM), and am new to this forum. As everyone here is likely aware, there are some good online resources for learning about OSM, including Beginners’ guide - OpenStreetMap Wiki and LearnOSM. However, I would also like to do some learning about OSM by carrying a nice printed book to a park or on a hike for reading during breaks in pleasant spots where online access is unavailable. It would be really wonderful if some members of this community could recommend some books in print form that can serve this purpose. Books that are a little out of date would be acceptable, since it would be easy to supplement any obsolete or missing information later via online resources.

Concerning the context for this request, my main goal at this early stage of learning is to add some individual trees to the map that are noteworthy due to their size, history or rarity. However, if any questions arise about this task, I would ask them in another existing thread specific to mapping trees, or initiate a new thread, if appropriate.

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Books about GIS, software, and geography in general would be more common and useful. Even for OSM, it is more likely about theoretical basis, research, and applications. Ie why don’t you read something about tree management for taxonomy, dimensions, appraisal of value, etc? Then you can better identify which are important and unique. If you are technical-minded, GPS / GNSS, photogrammetery, and lidar measurement too, if not the traditional calipers. Especially surveying, you need to be able to position individual trees accurately for this purpose.
Eg latter half of Fredreick Ramm & Jochen Topf is mainly about websites, rendering, apps, API, and servers. OpenStreetMap: Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World | Home
Most of Books - OpenStreetMap Wiki are not about OSM either.

Thanks, @Kovoschiz, for those recommendations and your useful suggestions regarding trees. I will take a look such resources as well as ones about GPS / GNSS, photogrammetry, and lidar measurement, which you also recommended. :smile: