Seeing messages I want to see

I haven’t used the site (or other instances of the software) much, but my immediate impression is that is isn’t going to be easy to bookmark a spot that shows me what I want, especially as the number of topics increases.

Is there a way to do this?

You have multiple ways to follow the content that is relevant to you:

  • Set the notification levels for specific categories.
  • Set the notifications levels for specific tags.
  • Set notifications levels for individual topics.
  • Use bookmarks or defer (mark as unread).

If you describe a bit more what are you trying to do we can share some tips on the best ways to get there.



If you’re not familiar with Discourse, I recommend having a look at :arrow_down:

There’s a lot of features packed in Discourse, some are quite unusual and very useful :

  • tags, bookmarks
  • wiki mode
  • related topics
  • interactions by email
  • reactions (more than just “like”)
  • private messages between a list of people

So if I understand correctly, to have my “default view” be how many new messages are in categories I am interested in, each time a category I am not interested in is created, I need to click into that category and mute the notifications.

Is there no way to create a list of categories that are of interest but only includes ones that are explicitly added? Supporting a global community seems like it is likely enough to require lots and lots of categories.

You won’t get notifications for categories you haven’t set the notification level. If you go into a category you can set your notification level from the bell icon:

So my understanding is that all categories are set to normal by default, and then when is generated for me, it shows categories with notifications set to normal or higher. So if I want to use that page as a reading list, I need to mute everything I’m not interested in.

In general, I will probably have notifications set to be as quiet as is practical on the site and never, ever send me email.