Searching for Offshore Wind Turbines in East- and Northsea


I’m new to this forum.

I’m searching for Coordinates of Offshore Wind Turbines in East- and Northsea.

I’ve downloaded the OSM-Files (Danmark, Netherland, Germany,…) in XML format. After that I parse these OSM files for the string “” to identify a Wind Turbine and extract the coordinates in an output file.

After comparing these coordinates with the openseamap, the windmill-powerplants are not in my file. Example: Baltic 2 (N54° 59.017’ E13° 9.819)

My question: What is the searchstring for my parser to find the windmill-powerplants? Is ist possible to download OSM Files with OpenSeaMap data?

Excuse my bad English!


At least Baltic 2 is not yet tagged with “generator:source”=wind. If you find an object with “wikipedia:de”=“baltic 2” in your files then the issue is just incomplete data.
Besides that the construction=yes on this object (w178757534) is a bit weak. If it would be properly tagged you still wouldn’t find it with your query while it’s in construction :wink:

P.S.: I assume you’re from germany? The german section of this board is a lot more active.