Searching a word for tagging a special feature of a track


I’m searching a suitable english word for tagging this:

It’s a highway=track with some “nature” in the middle…

No problem for wide-gauge vehicles like motorcars
No problem for gaugeless vehicles like two-wheel bicylces

But a problem for small gauge vehicles like three wheel
bicycles, wheelchairs, buggys, prams, …

This ways may also be paved with asphalt or conrete,
not only surface=gravel/ground/… so tracktype is
not suitable.

I didn’t found a possibility to tag this (I’m right,
that there still exist nothing?) so I should propose
sonmething new… if I found a suitable word… :slight_smile:


And pick a suitable surface type from

As I said:

I just image-googled for “Betonspurweg” and found

Really a “premium quality way” called “grade1” inside OSM, isn’t it?

Or another example from german Wikipedia
Also suitable for all weather conditions so it should get a grade1 for all motor vehicles, standard two wheel bicycles or pedestrians, 99,8% of traffic… But for a small minority of traffic (including me sometimes :wink: ) the “nature in the middle” is worth of separate tagging… It sometimes has more worth than a suitable surface tag…

“An even mixture of hard and soft materials”. I would tag both your examples with tracktype=grade3, and use surface=* to describe the hard material. surface=concrete for the first, and either concrete or gravel for the 2nd, depending on the extent of the gravel usage to fill in bad bits.

There’s been a lot of different opinions about tracktype, but grade1 and grade2 don’t have grass/mud running down the middle, in my view.

On the mailing list I received following including my answer:

Yes, all “unpaved” tracks will lost the “nature in the middle” by
heavy use (cars, bicycle, pedestrians, …) independantly from its grade…

But if a track has two parallel lines “by definition”, then the
solution might be something like

… but surface is already in use…

is not suitable for unpaved ways without “nature in the middle”


It’s also my opinion. (good) asphalt/concrete → grade1
(Seldomly I found some very bad asphalt tracks. Then I don’t gave
them grade1…)

asphalt and concrete are mostly used for grade1-tracks, sometimes
stones (cobble and paving). If the roads are open fr everyone I would
prefer service or unclassified, but there are other opinions, too…
There are regional differences. E.g. in Northern Germany I know
areas with dispersed settlement, where such small ways open for everyone
are often used.

A lot of grade1-tracks were built by “Flurbereinigung”
( translates to “farm or land consolidation”)

I noticed a few more people chimed in on the mailing list, and most said grade3 too.

For me, the surface of the 2 ‘tracks’ in the track doesn’t matter when deciding grade1/2 vs grade3/4, that’s what I use surface=* for. What, in my opinion, decides between picking 1/2 or 3/4 is whether there’s a contiguous surface for the entire width, of if there’s a grass (usually) strip down the middle.

Flurbereinigung, we have had that in NL as well. It’s called ‘Ruilverkaveling’ here. I wouldn’t tag most of the streets resulting from that as track. Most of them are unclassified to me. They are open either to anyone or destination only, and they have a name.

Now if it was signed ‘agricultural use only’ and unnamed, what I guess your Wirtschaftswege are, that makes more of an argument for a track, to me. And then I would use grade1 if it’s paved the entire width.

See proposal for surface=all_weather

Interesting thing, but not really an answer for my very old original question :wink:

Some months later there was a thread in the german part of the forum, where another solution is proposed for “my” sort of ways, but I don’nt like it as described in my last posting in this thread:

On the page I found one more solution: surface=concrete:lanes .
Why people do not use them? Nobody read wiki ? :slight_smile: