Search old posts from forum.openStreetMap to say thanks


I can no longer find an old post, as the forum has moved since 01.03.2024 …

title: How to export track created with OsmAnd to my PC.

O.K. It is not a direct map problem, but in my opinion important for editing tracks … Thanks for the solution!

Guys, guys, to all programmers: Do you have to pass an intelligence test before you can use the OSM maps?


There actually were two similar help/support sites:

  •, whose contents have been migrated here, and
  •, which was not migrated, but only archived. We decided not to migrate it because the effort would be significant, and many answers are now outdated and inapplicable.

Your post is located on the latter: How to export track created with OSMAND to my PC. - OSM Help