Search hints or words - on the corner of

sometimes there are long streets and I have an info like
on the corner of main street / bird street
OpenStreetMap doesn’t seem to recognize keywords like “corner”. Is that correct?
Google does that and takes me right to the correct place.

It would be nice if OSM would also do that.

I guess there are more words like this. e.g. “opposite of”

Hello Urml

The default “search” for OSM is Nominatim. You could open an issue here:

However, note that geo search engines are hard. If you are not willing the implement this yourself, it might not get built.

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Seems like a named street corner would be considered a place.

There already is a long standing issue for search of intersections: Search for intersections · Issue #123 · osm-search/Nominatim · GitHub

The tricky part is about parsing the query and detecting that the search is about intersection. Remember that this needs to work for all possible languages. And then there is the tiny problem that instead of searching for one street, the algorithm has to search for two in an efficient way. None of this is impossible to solve but sadly not very high on the priority list at the moment.


thanks for explaining this and for the links.
I’m not a developer but at least good to know that the dev. team is aware of this request.

Osmand does search for intersections in its address search tool.

The geocoding page on the wiki ways that Pelias does as well.

Indeed, in OSMand I specify city street 1 street 2 and it takes me to the right coordinates.
Interesting and good to know, but since I have many addresses to check I would need it on a desktop browser.

with Pelias I don’t really know how to use it as a regular user. There is a demo but that doesn’t work like OSMand. Maybe there is a different syntax I need to use. But the demo is anyway not usable and I don’t want to install my own instance of Pelias.

Thanks for your hints though.