search funktion does not find existing street in Germany

Hello to all, great job!

I can’t examine why there are some street names not found in Germany.
Example: if I search for Sonnenweg I get a bunch of hits in Switzerland, but not in Germany. Why?
You can find one of the Germans Sonnenweg at: 51° 19’ 28,43" N 7° 59’ 21,36" E

It’s all the same with the streets around. Is there something wrong with the tags or is something wrong with search engine?
Can I do anything to make this better?

Tanks in advanced

The OSM Namefinder hadn’t been updated since January, so anything added since then won’t be found by it.
I think there’s a few developers working on this (plus other namefinder services) so it should be updated soon. There’s been some recent discussion on the talk mailing list about this.