Search for cycling relations with specific tags


is there any way to view or find cycling relations with tags network=inc and state=proposed ? I use web where it is not possible. Please, some similar user friendly solution like this web.

The most user-friendly way to find such information is Overpass. This query should find the information you need within the visible bounding box.

I thought that something with state=proposed is frowned upon by a good part of the community. Reasons are that no-one knows when it will be realised or even if it will ever be realised and that you cannot verify it on the ground. You can only obtain this information by copying from third-party plans.

So I wonder whether you will find a lot of those relations.

Thanks, it’s works well.

I agree with you that sometimes the tag=proposed is overused, but I think sometimes it make sense, especially when e.g. road is already in the construction phase.

In my case I focus on bicycle relations. And this tag causes routes aren’t rendered correct. However, I think they should be because there are many cyclists who drive by navigation and not by physical marking.

Since unsigned routes are not verifiable on the ground they should not be part of OSM data. Which is why proposed routes aren’t usually* a thing on OSM.

Changing them to be rendered doesn’t make them valid for OSM purposes.

*As mentioned sometimes people will overeagerly copy them in anticipation from other sources

The correct tag for a road under construction is highway=construction; construction=
That, of course, can be surveyed and thus mapped.

I don’t understand this. The route is proposed, so it does not exist (yet). Why/how can you follow it then? You even write that the road is not finished, why would you want a cyclist to drive over it then?

My example with road under construction was not good. Here is another.
There is an international route across countries. Direction the entire route is known (is officially promoted on the web by cycling organization) and leads on roads with low traffic. But there is part between two cities without signs (signs are planned or damaged). And this part without signs is marked with tag=proposed. And I think this part could be rendered e.g. with dashed line.