Script error 24

What is the meaning of : Lua error:Internal error: The interpreter has terminated with signal “24” ?

What can I do to fix it ?

(See for example this : Past Events 2014 - OpenStreetMap Wiki = 400 errors !)

I am pretty sure that this OSM Wiki error is result of too many/too complex templates on one page - or limits set too low.

(based on googling error message and this specific page)

Split page or reduce template complexity. Or ignore that old archive.

Excuse me, but I have an additional question
Why is it that the English version of the same content has no problem, but the specific language version does?

guesses (not verified them!):

  • languages other than English have extra processing
  • it uses different templates
  • it has more content
  • something else is happening
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I get the same error with in English.

Thank you.
Is there any action I can take?
Is there any other way to split the document?

create a separate page at wiki and move there part of the content?

I solved the problem by replacing the template “Dm” by the template “Event date” on the past events pages (2018 to 2012).

For the problem on ko page, I replaced keylink templates in the template Map Features:properties = it is better but still some problems.

All keylink should be removed (and then the keylink template deleted) because these problems appears since it is used, see Talk:Map features - OpenStreetMap Wiki