Schools without a name - MapRoulette help wanted

A little help needed: many schools are missing a name. Sometimes they should really get a name, sometimes it should really not be a school. The 300 schools in this task MapRoulette are the most problematic for us at NCCN. Can you help us fix them?
Do read the instructions completely before starting - there’s a lot of different things that can go wrong, the examples will help you see what to look for.

There are many, many more schools that lack a name, and we might come back with more stuff to fix. But these 300 are the most problematic for us.

EDIT: I really recommend opening the official data as well (links are in the instruction). Very often, an official school is pinpointed quite close.
EDIT 2: Element thread on this topic

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where can I find the instructions?

When you click on the link, the white text middle right of the screen. You only see two sentences by default, but you can scroll through the text.
The same appears when you open an individual task, but there it’s even less obvious that there’s longish info.

Are there special tags for schools for adults (secondary education for adults)? I couldn’t find any on the wiki.

(I was reviewing a location of Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs MIRAS.)

I’ve used grades=27 for similar things, see Proposal:Grades - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I see. The tag seems for the American school system. (For the record: it also has a non-proposal Key page, where it says “in use” but doesn’t mention the value 27.)