Scandinavian dump on


There used to be daily Scandinavian dumps at the above address, but now the most fresh one is more than a week old. Is it all over now with the daily dumps, or is there something wrong with the system?

I see you’ve asked the question on the ML as well. Good, that’ll be a better place for this sort of question at the moment.

There are dumps of lots of countries in Europe done from the weekly planet.osm dump.

The problems with the daily dumps is probably why, the nl directory seems to be empty as well

This is pretty nice, just 20 MB for a rough map of Sweden… But Netherlands is just 47MB That’s not a lot more, I thought Holland was 100% covered, sure Sweden is about 10 times as big and probably 100 times as long but it’s mostly wood…


  • Sweden = 449.964 km² (8.7% water) → 410.817 km² land
  • Netherlands = 41.528 km² (18.4% water) → 33.886 km² land

So the mappable surface of the Netherlands is about 1/12 (one twelfth) of Sweden and has 2.35 times more data, so the Swedes need to map about 28 times more than they currently have done to compete in data density :smiley:

I Would love to make this a pissing contest, You do realise we have more water in Sweden than you have land… :wink:

Density, inhabitant per km²:
Netherland: 395/km²
Sweden: 18/km²

But seriously, what do you map in Netherlands now days?

Hey, you started about the volume of data and amount of surface covered by it… :wink:

Well, nowadays (that is: since the AND import) mapping in the Netherlands is mostly about:

  • Correcting errors (slow and sometimes difficult work)
  • Adding forest tracks, cycleways and footpaths (still a basic mapping effort)
  • Adding routes (bicycle mostly atm)
  • Adding POI (restaurants, cafe’s postboxes etc.)
  • Adding missing suburbs etc. (built after the latest AND data update which was about 6-7 years ago).
  • and more

All in all mapping in NL is becoming slow, time consuming and tedious. There are no real moments anymore where you can say: ‘Look, it’s so cool, there’s this city appearing on the map in the last month…’ and no more giant voids or errors. I see a shift away from basic mapping to remove ‘here be dragons areas’ towards quality assurance (both in the data as well in tools) and specific mapping efforts (e.g. cyclemaps).

Have a look at

The image is derived from yesterdays Scandinavian dump (yes, it works again). Our forests are full of highways as can be seen from a NL sized area where someone has tried to draw all the roads that are visible on Landsat imagery. Swedes are rather a bit behind us right now but I bet that not long.

That’s quite impressive… Lots of km’s covered.

I don’t really dare to do that since I’m not sure what’s a road and what isn’t, requires lots of local knowledge.

from mailing list:

Country       osm.bz2 size    population    ratio (bytes per capita)
UK                73M            60M                1.2
Germany          110M            82M                1.3
Netherlands       51M            16M                3.2
France            29M            60M                0.5
Finland           20M             5M                4.0
Italy             14M            58M                0.2
Norway            21M             5M                4.2
Sweden            24M             9M                2.6
Spain             17M            40M                0.4

> Could you do a stats on Denmark as well, since we still are considered
> part of Scandinavia ;)

Denmark: 5.5M inhabitants, 5.3M bytes - roughly 1.0.