Scanaerial anyone using it to add lakes?


I am looking to use Scanaerial to add lakes in OSM. I am having the usual install issues. I have installed Python27 but then when installing the libraries they can not find it and the notes suggest registering Python27 and link to a script that has a few issues. Anyway, about there my geek rating level runs out.

Given that I am bogged down in the “Land of a thousands lakes” I would like to know if any one is using it to map lakes and what to do to get it installed and working. I thanks to help from the forum have JOSM up and running and used that to successfully manually add in a lake.


I don’t have experience with Scanaerial, but would you mind clarifying what libraries you are trying to install? Are they "Install needed Python libraries (Python Imaging Library (PIL) & Python Projection Library (PyProj)) " from ?

Windows, I’m assuming? Has Python been added to your path correctly?

It’s a little bit too late for an answer but you have to install 32bit version of a Phyton if you want PIL installer to see the phyton installation :slight_smile: Using 64bit version causes issues described by Ent.

But I got a question too: How to make it works? OK, it was working for couples of minutes, but now i’m getting “could not be loaded, blanking tile” error all the time. And guess what? I’m looking at the same WMS in JOSM as a layer, so I thing there’s something wrong with… with?
Another funny thing is that I couldn’t make any WMS to work except these from