Sattelite images not aligned


I am mapping north of uppsala.

The satellite images from DigitalGlobe Premium are offset by almost 10m compared to DigitalGlobe Standard Imagery.

Esri World Imagery shows that the DigitalGlobe standard is not correct one.

Which Images should I use to improve the town of Karlholmsbruk?

You can use both of them - but you need to calibrate them. You do this by viewing GPStracks and moving the background imagery to the correct ordination. You will find many tutorials how to do this. I order to give you more detailed information i need to know with editor you are useing. JOSM has a verry good function for calibration of background imagery.

Hi Skinfaxi,

Thank you for the reply. I mostly use ID editor but for advanced problems I switch to JOSM. If I can align them in IDeditor, I can speed up my mapping process.

In JOSM you can save/load/share imagery offsets by special plugin