Satisfying the license on small/circular (and pre-rendered) maps

I want to make sure I’m getting things right with the license for using OpenStreetMap. I’ve been checking the requirements here:

I’m developing a web application and part of the design spec calls for circular maps, this makes the standard copyright note difficult. These are also pretty small elements on the screen, typically 220px wide/high:

Here’s a solution I’ve come up with that hopefully full fills the requirements without compromising the design too much:

There’s an “information” icon that provides the copyright info with link when it’s hovered over.

I also render the map to an image on the server so it can be used almost like an icon in a list, like this:

These are even smaller elements, i.e. 100-150px. They’re also none-interactive (pre-rendered to an image on a server then served as a static png). Would accrediting the copyright in, say, the website footer be acceptable in this case rather than for reach element individually?

I want to keep the design as none-intrusive as possible but still give credit for a great resource, and of course full-fill any technical obligations with licensing.

I think you can better ask this directly at the License Working Group, via one of the email addresses listed on that page.