Sat 5th Sep: Stockholm Mini-Mapping Party and OSM birthday celebration

This has been out on the [talk-se] list. Please email me mike at if you are coming. I need to plan enough food and drink. Only 4 at the moment?

Dear OSM mappers,

May I cordially invite you to my home Hagroken 7, Lidingö (OSM map link below) to celebrate the 5th anniversary of OpenStreetMap. Food and drink will be provided. If you cannot make the mapping, please come anyway.

I will bring printed paper OSM maps of Norrmalm.

Suggested activities: a few missed street names, oneway street check, waterfront micro-mapping for tourists, cycleway interconnection for routing, Kustlinjen completion, building digitisation check, amenities, hotels, large shops, bus-stops, Karlsruhe schema addressing …

Wireless access point provided.

Michael Collinson