Sanjose, CostaRica


I am working on San Jose, Costa Rica. I have few doubts but I am not sure which community to approach.

Can anyone please help?

Sanghamitra Ghosh

There’s a visiual representation of “who does what where” at . That’s based on data from , which is used within the iD editor among other places.

It’s not perfect (it doesn’t tell you where people are active), but it does give you a list to look at. For San Jose Costa Rica, I’d probably suggest “OpenStreetMap Latam Telegram” (you’ll need a phone number to sign up).

:frowning: it’s a pity that several communities started using a propietary media for communication. Should not be acceptable for an open project.

Yes, it is a shame, and not just for “moral” reasons - I can think of at least one example of an OSM community having problems accessing their forum because the commercial provider of it was hosted overseas at an “easily blockable by their government” location.