Same File Name For Different Downloads

I have downloaded and imported file gmapsupp.img on my Garmin Drive 61 LM (directory Memory Card\Garmin) for Mexico. I now would like to import the map for Switzerland too but the zipped file has the same .img filename as the one for Mexico.

The FAQ states that I need to use JaWaVa GPs -Tools in order to solve this, but I don’t quite understand what I need to do. Does the tool allow me to change the .img filename on the memory card (the one for Mexico), or do I have to change the name of the one for Switzerland before transferring it to the memory card? Or do I need to do something else entirely?

You can simply rename the img file with a filemanager. Don’t need a tool for this, the only thing I don’t know if your Garmin unit accepts multiple img files. Older units only support a map called gmapsupp.img but most modern units can read whatevername.img