Saimaa water multipolygone exists in 4 (FOUR) copies

Sorry for kicking in in english.

While rendering for i noticed that rendering times increased from month to month.
Actually Finland map takes 5 days!! to render (12 hours would be standard)
So I searched for monster-relations and found a lot - not uncommon for a country with so much lakes.

However there is a big relation:
Saimaa: 7379046

With THREE active copies:

So I would kindly ask you to chose which realtion out of these 4 ist the right one and delete the others.

In general such big relations are a performance problem, not only for me but also for all tileservers, and all other tools.
While checking these 4 relations in Josm the main OSM-Server crashed.
I kindly ask mappers to divide such big relations into smaller ones - thanks.

Best regards

As I answered in the other topic, I think the best solution is to leave one and delete the 3 duplicates. For me they all look the same but somebody can compare them and choose the best one.

I’v deleted those dead copys: