Russian–Ukrainian war

You have already made that distinction yourself.

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I did not. I merely mentioned where this mapper is active.

That answers your question, isn’t it?

Stop speaking in riddles.

Read back what you wrote and you will have your answer. You descrived areas in a distinctive way.

And by the way, changing default languages does not reveal military secrets.

I asked about naming conventions, not about military features.

Meanwhile on
Changeset: 137254417 | OpenStreetMap

I was watching this changeset with amazement.

Ten years ago the road was added from Bing as a residential with no further data.

With the third edit 9 years ago a Russian name was added. No problems yet.

With the fifth edit, also 9 years ago, a Ukranian name was added. Still no problems.

Two years ago an English name was added. This is version 6.

Nine months ago a wikidata etymology link was add by a user that has been removed. That was probably not because of this changeset. This is version 8.

Three months ago the default name was changed to Ukranian. This is version 9. This is where the problems start.

In the next edit, the default name is set back to Russian.

From here on an edit war continues to up to two days ago with version 48 being the last edit.

Over a span of 40 edits a default name has been set that has never been its name up till three months ago.

The “Do not edit the map of Ukraine during the war” guideline was created, among other reasons, to prevent this sort of edit war. It would be nice if this guideline was better enforced.

Stop mixing politics with OSM guidelines. That’s counterproductive. No edits at all until the situation becomes more stable would make this a lot easier for mappers who engage in QA.

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This sounds more one-sided than it needs to be.

A reminder to all: observe the Etiquette Guidelines. Keep the discussion dispassionate and do not engage in ad hominem attacks. Etiquette/Etiquette Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki


Crimea is listed on Disputed territories - OpenStreetMap Wiki for good reason.

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As I have pointed out above, it appears that the appeal not to edit in Crimea is breached by the Ukrainian side.

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So, you are going to invade FG’s whereabouts with tanks? Or fire drones/rockets/en masse?

I think the policy is to wait?

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I think that arguments would be more effective.

It turns out that the problem is that some people could not wait to change default names from Russian to Ukrainian names. When this is taken together it looks as if the appeal is abused by (perhaps only a few) people who want to Ukrainise Crimea and block attempts to restore this.

But despite this, if you want to know this, I certainly don’t think that Crimea will ever become Ukrainian territory again. It seems therefore pointless to me to keep pretending that it is still Ukrainian. But that is just my opinion.

The reason why the latter observation is important because another rule prescribes that temporary objects should not be mapped.

Excuse me, your mention of geopolitics did remind me of people considering tanks/bombs/rockets/drones valid arguments.

Nobody asked, and mixing speculation with foreign mapping policies is counterproductive.


No problem, I should not have made the comment in the first place.

I do think that my reaction was related and I certainly don’t appreciate your false allusion.