Russian characters in name tag

In the Malaysia subforum, there’s a thread on Russian mappers importing some road names. Occasionally, Russian characters were found in the name tag.
So I asked for an overpass query to find them, and then changed it for Thailand:

Here, the situation is different. There are many nodes (369) which contain Russian characters in the name tag, hardly any ways (23). And those nodes are mostly “tourism related”, and the name tag often seems to be some description or rather “note” in Russian language.

“Водопад” (vodo pad) means waterfall.

Hm. And now?

There are three in Chiang Mai province that are easy to fix. Maybe the rest are as well. Still, it’s just more work for us when people are free to upload anything they like. We get to sort out the errors while they proceed on their way.

I’ll fix the ones in Chiang Mai if nobody objects.

Let me guess: Majority comes from users?

This is a typical pattern in touristic areas and not limited to Russian. You could try contacting the mappers. I have a very, very low response rate from mappers.
If there is no response and mapping is obviously not correct, remove it.

Frequently it is a “tourist attraction”, which is duplicate or simply a note for their vacation, abusing the default tag “attraction”.

I do not think it’s the users fault. With all these buzz words of free data, free software, privacy, etc. on OSM, several app users do think that their notes are their private notes, not visible to the public. And are astonished when they learn that they changed/added publicly visible data…
And another issue might be rendering: if a node/way/area has several tags, the renderer decides for one of them (e.g. a hotel with a restaurant). So, a tourist attraction may be “missed” because a different tag had precedence in rendering.
Yes, not at all limited to Russian entries. They were just a “by-catch” when I searched for Russian based road imports similar to Malaysia - that does not seem to exit here.