runway and taxiway width

I’m working on this airport:
I cannot specify the runway and taxiwaty width.
I traced all the grass around the way (if look carefully you can see the runway is 30 m width, while the S taxi is 15 m width, but I cannot find a way to specify this important property with P2

Have a look at the OSM wiki about the key “width”

You can also try to use the editor JOSM instead if Potlatch2 … maybe there you can enter certain tags better that are not in the presets of potlatch2

Do not rely that any rendering program can produce good output about ways with the width key … try it.

I’m working on this airport:
I set the runway (30 m) and taxi (15, 10 or 7.5 m) width property, and traced all the grass border around.
I saw that neither browser rendering in view mode is correct, worse is very crazy.
If you look carefully you can see the grass edge (different color at high zoom), but the runway width is wrong at most of the zoom levels.
At most is very larger than real. Look for example:
the runway look over 100 m

Currently most (if not all) renderers don’t support the width tag on ways but you can still tag it and hope somebody will implement this in the future.

To enter or edit tags not given in the default entry form click on “Advanced” (lower left corner of editor) here you can enter every tag/value-combination you’d like.

Which is the renderer in the browser, when in view mode?
Is a client side rendering or is server side?

I will add also elevation of the runway, which is a very important data for planes.
The elevation on fly maps is given on both end of a runway, and about always are different.
I found only a single elevation property in OSM wiki. Does exist some mechanism specific for this?

Not all map styles take the width attribute into account, in particular the renderings on the front page do not.

Partially this is due to technical limitations. Some of it is also intentional - for example road widths and colors in the Mapnik rendering are supposed to symbolize highway class rather than physical width and surface texture.

Don’t let that stop you from adding width information, though! It’s useful for those styles that go for a more realistic appearance.

I set the elevation for endpoints and elevation for runway.

P2 say error on heading properties as are two numbers: 179;359
and the same with double quote. In the example shown in the wiki is so, what is wrong?