Run Osmose backend locally on a Windows OS

Hey guys,

I’m wondering whether any of you already modified the backend code to run locally with an .osm (or .pbf) file and export the results into an xml also locally.


Yes, that’s feasable. I do not know the details of your problem with osmosis. In my case, it did not find the Java installation.
Look into the osmosis.bat file, you’ll find somewhere a line where the JAVACMD variable is set. SET it to your java.exe, including full path. With the latest version, do not enclose it with “”.

Thanks for the reply Bernard, the problem is not with osmosis but rather osmose, which is a tool used on osm data.

As I understand it it was written in France; I’d be surprised if the author(s) would read this forum. If it’s not obviously on Github maybe try asking on an international mailing list such as or perhaps on IRC in #osm-dev , #osm or #osm-fr ?

That’s correct SomeoneElse - it is written in France. I guess I’ll try elsewhere then! Thanks for the useful suggestions.