Rude note report | 不禮貌的註解 | 無禮貌的註解

It seems the note reporter just randomly targeted the Taiwanese for no reason. How will you handle this kind of issue?



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  1. close note

  2. optionally ask DWG to hide this note ( Data working group - OpenStreetMap Wiki )

  3. definitely ignore that troll as a lame ineffective person and loser


Hiding note comments still requires intervention by administrators, and can’t be done by DWG on their own yet.

Fix is underway in this pull request: Added (un)hide note comments UI by mmd-osm · Pull Request #3441 · openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website · GitHub

You can upvote the pull request, if you like. (Not that it really mattered)


DWG can hide entire notes, and in this case it seems that it was contentless insulting spam from start.

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Agree, in this case, it doesn’t make sense to hide parts of the note only.

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Well, on the good side, at least he/she/xe recons Taiwanese does go to the loo. LAWL

而且跟一般人一樣,台灣人是會上廁所的 XD

Benard (Yes Minister): Shall I file it?