Rubish new Edits

:expressionless: Have a look on the edits from User Treadly

Your concern is noted, but how about you send him a polite message attempting to educate him on how to edit well (resulting in a better contributer), rather than posting public criticism which may result in losing an enthusiastic member of the community.

Edit: looking at his user page Treadly is a new member who has submitted over 100 GPX logs in the last 2 days. Get off your high horse and help him as his contribution has great potential.

I have seen his gps tracks accidental by upload my own tracks. I life near Austria :slight_smile: but Australia is far away. My english is not very good so i think, better a native speaker contact him. That is the mainreason, why i write it here.

Wow - heaps of work. As the only other active mapper in the area, I’m happy to have a friend/helper. This area is a coal mining area with many many tracks and disused roads. If you were to get lost in these areas, you would be happy to have this type of detail.

I’m sure we’ll be talking

yeah I think his real intent was just to assist the user, is it the street names what is the problem with map?