Routing with GraphHopper problem

Hi I am new to OpenStreetMap, I am trying to map a university campus.

I am having some problems with the routing. There are two roads in particular that refuse to be accessible via any of the GraphHopper routing. The one I am using as an example is called ‘Centreway’.
Via Foot
Via Car
Via Bicycle

The Car (OSRM) seems to work, however.

I have set the Allowed Access for road as All: yes, Foot: yes, Motor Vehicle: yes, Bicycles: yes, Horses:yes.

I have waited a few days because I thought it might take some time for the routing to be updated, but nothing seems to have changed.

Am I missing some settings somewhere?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Edited post, because the images weren’t loading
Link to the general area is here:

I can’t see anything unroutable, so I would suggest waiting a little longer.

However, I would note that it seems unlikely that that campus service roads are public rights of way, or that the campus car park is open to the general public, but the lack of access tags currently indicate that to be the case.

Although you say you have set the access, there is currently no access tag, and, as noted above, “yes” is unlikely to be correct.

It is possible that routers will not like routing with the correct access, but that is not a valid reason for specifying public access when the reality is less.

I don’t know what the six character references are supposed to mean.

GraphHopper was having an issue with their data update. It was been resolved now :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking a look @hadw

I do have the same problem. There is a gate which should allow bicyles at (49.74250, 8.63336) … but the routing gets around it. Can anyone check whats wrong with this gate? I tried many different combinations as you can see in the history :frowning:

You clearly don’t have the same problem, as the original problem was solved.

Michael-NC, you need to wait a few more days for the routing sites to start using the latest database info. The ‘standard layer’ on the osm site updates quite soon as does the Humanitarian layer but the other layers and the routing part of websites don’t update their data as often.

Thanks, I will wait