Routing with GraphHopper problem (bicycle)

I can’t tag a gate to allow bicycles to go through. I tried to copy from other gates, but graphhopper doesn’t allow bikes to go through.
Is there someone who can tell me what I did wrong?



Wait a few days.

I did. this has been done 2+ days ago. Btw, when you make changes, it says, wait a few minutes. So this is not correct? was changed 13 hours ago (about 3 hours before your last comment?) and the bicycle route seems to be working now.

I changed it several times, because I thought the reason for the problem is the editor (me).

Yes it seems to work. I worked for me as well. Thanks for letting me know.

There’s also (bike router) that you can use for testing. Just choose a bike profile.

I don’t know the update frequency though.

“A few minutes” applies only to the ‘Standard’ display map on Routing services and other maps pull down updates at their own frequency.