Routing with approximate waypoints?

Hi! I’m pretty new in this community :slight_smile:

My name is Alberto, and I’m making a web application with leaflet and OSM. It’s all going well, but now I need a little help.

I’m searching for a good routing engine, that’s capable of creating the most probably taken route based on waypoints:

I’ve many points logged every N minutes, and they are not really precise, but their offset should be 400m, average of 200m. I need to know what route has been done.

For example, with 30 points, the firsts in the city, the others in places near a motorway and then the lasts in another city, it should show me the route to the motorway, the motorway and then the route on the other city.

I can’t just use a simple router and then check if the points are near or not, as probably the route taken will go like touching multiple cities.

So this is my question: do you know some good routing engine that I could use? Many many thanks :slight_smile:


I am not aware of any solution out of the box for your aim.

But all routing solutions in relation to OSM can be found in the OSM wiki at

So browse yourself and tell us when there is something that comes at least a bit near your aim.

Do you need in simple words: routing with many intermediate points ?

Thanks for the wiki link, I’m already using it to check every routing software :slight_smile:

The idea is not just many intermediate points: we should call it “intermediate areas”, where I can route from A to B, and ensure it pass in some areas delimited by circles, in order. Let me explain

I’ve this start A and finish B point. The black line it’s like a street map, blue dots are points I calculated and blue circle are areas where it should route. The yellow path it’s what the engine should calculate.

Do you have an idea how to do it? If there aren’t out of the box solution, how someone could do it? Don’t worry! I just need a tuning tune, then I’ll sing the song :smiley:

OK, I understand.

Well , this topic is not really focused on OSM, but a routing question …

… maybe there are some experts at where you can ask as well?

Thanks! I’ll ask them :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kindness!