Routing to an address on gps is impossible

I have a Garmin gpsmap 62s. I loaded the OSM map of Belgium on the SD card. Following tracks works excellent. But when I use ‘find’ for an address and put in the first letter of a city name, I always get the message: “No results found. Adjust the search parameters and try again”. Nevertheless, the city and the streetname can be found in MapSource and and on my gps by zooming in on the OSM map. I do not know what parameters I should change? Or is it Garmin that causes problems when using OSM maps for routing to an address?

See this thread: (plus a few other threads about this in the Garmin maps section of the forum).

Basically, how the Garmin map format works for address searching is not fully understood. So its not properly supported by Mkgmap (the software used to make most OSM based Garmin maps), which means address searching may not work on Garmin devices.

Though there has recently been work on improving this in Mkgmap. So maps generated with with the new Mkgmap locator branch may work for address searching.