Routing through access=private streets on osm

Greetings mapper :slight_smile:

I am speaking for a small developing team that currently develops a small routing service for the BUGA2019 in Germany Heilbronn.
The BUGA2019 is basically a big garden and all streets are tagged with access=private, since you can only access this park if you pay money.
My question is, if I have two points, how can I route through this park (using the streets, that are private).
I couldn’t find any documentation in the open layers API ( about routing at all.
Every routing service I found (for example does not use access=private streets and does also not have any settings to use private streets.

Feeling a bit lost here :confused:

Thanks for you help!


I don’t know about openlayers, but with you can modify the routing profile to allow private.

Hi, thanks Wulf for your answer.
brouter unfortunatelly does not provide an api/library. So we can’t use it in code

OpenLayers is the wrong tool. It only helps to build maps.

You need to add a routing engine with your special settings (use access=private for routing). Graphhopper should do that.

There is also a German forum where you may get more help and tips:

Best luck!

Thanks, I will have a look into graphhopper!