Routing software and walking through car parks


I have been working on this college here (if anyone has the time, a general review, in addition to these queries, would be much appreciated).

There’s a walking route that gives access from Crawthorne Road, down the unknown road, through the gate marked in the northern boundary, and through the carpark to finish at the Rainey Building entrance.

Would routing software (eg, for use by blind people) find this route?
Do I need to connect the gate with the unknown road?
Do I need to mark a walking path across the carpark from gate to entrance?

Any help appreciated,


I assume is the unknown road, but it is currently a line, with no type at all, on the map.

I would, probably, connect the gate to the adjacent, currently unmapped, service road.

There is also no car park on the map

I think routers would have difficulty coping with this, but you mustn’t create artificial foot paths to help them.

Without tactile marking of the route on the ground, I think blind users would have severe difficulty navigating this on the ground.

To stand some change of creating a route that doesn’t go through parked cars, you will need to map all the parking isles

Thanks for this.

I’ve had a go at your suggestion (and made the unknown road a service road).

Any feedback, if you have time, very welcome.