Routing problems on I-20

I’m having problems getting a proper route on I-20 between Duncanville and The Parks in Arlington (32.676249, -97.026558):

I tried putting a waypoint in the middle of the route to try and force it to take I-20. All I got was “Route not found”. This is the software I use:

This has happened before where I-20 and Belt Line Road intersect. But, this is the first time I had problems across 15 miles of road.

The first thing I’d check would be if other routers (such as the online routers available from give the same problem. If they do, it’s likely to be a data problem and you can start narrowing down the issue by routing over shorter and shorter sections. It’s worth mentioning though that routers are often “out of date” with regard to OpenStreetMap data and only update once a month or even less frequently, so any data problem might have been fixed in OSM.

If the problem only seems to be within Mapfactor Navigator you’ll have to raise the issue with them - and you can also mention that they’ve spelt “OpenStreetMap” with an extra “s” on their Google Play blurb at the same time :slight_smile:

Well, I guess that answers that question. It’s Mapfactor. :confused: And, as you saw in my first post, this isn’t the first time. I guess I should start looking into fall-back alternatives that also allow me to store OSM data offline. The thing is Mapfactor is the only one I’ve found thus far that has a PC based version as well as Android, which allowed me to utilize a laptop and Bluetooth based GPS.

I finally had a chance to get back to this post. I talked with the guy over at Mapfactor about the issue. He suggested that I look at my vehicle profiles. Apparently, it was set to bicycle. I probably used it once to see how well I could use it for bicycling. The thing is I don’t remember changing that setting. Oh well. It’s working now.