Routing Cycleway to street

I’m new to OSM and trying to learn so I can help update the map near me. A cycleway near me crosses a lot of roads and streets. Garmin BaseCamp in Bicycling mode will route from the road to and from the trail at some crossing but not at most of them. I don’t see any difference looking at the nodes. How can I make all the crossing routable? I use JOSM.


Can you give us a to that place ?

Thanks for looking at this.
The link is
The cycleway from Columbiaville to Millington is the one I was asking about. After doing some reading I found “Join Node to Way” and used it. It will now route However I received errors when I uploaded it.
So I don’t know if using “Join Node to Way” was the correct way to fix the problem. I would like to learn the correct way so I can help make the map as good as possible.

There’s a few things wrong with the cycleway that crosses the section of map you linked to. Starting from the south the way crosses the Holloway Reservoir. How deep is the water as there is no bridge mapped there? Going north to the junction with North Lake Road, here the cycleway has two nodes one atop the other, these should be separated or one deleted. Same at the junction with Piersonville Road and Hollenbeck Road. At Southern Links Trailway and Hart Lake Road junctions the road has duplicate nodes, separate them or delete one. Lake Road is OK. At Benson Avenue the highway junction is OK but there is duplication in the boundary=administrative line. At the junction with Genesee Avenue again the road has duplicate nodes. Sheridan Road, duplicate road nodes. Birch Run Road, duplicate road nodes. Oak Road, duplicate road nodes. Barnes Road, duplicate road nodes. I think that’s all.
I se you’re using JOSM “Join node to way” will I think keep all the nodes. Merge nodes will literally merge the nodes at the highlighted point leaving just the one node, though I usually do the merge twice just in case there are two nodes very slightly separated. Have a go, if you get in trouble shout again and I can rectify the problems for you. Regards

Thank You! That was very helpful. I think I have everything fixed. How did you find the duplicate nodes? I could only see one at each location.

If you zoom right in with JOSM you’ll see that a single node on a way (not joined to anything else ) is the outline of a tiny square. Two nodes (each from two different ways) merged together is a large (by comparison) square. A single node atop another single node will be a small square but likely to look a little bit fuzzy. A merged node (large square) with a single node atop of it is a exactly that, a large square with a small square inside of it, might or might not be centralised. That’s a visual check only.
Even if it looks right there may still be duplicate nodes in your case the next test is to highlight and drag each way (there may be several) in turn to the side a short way. All nodes in the dragged way are moved and you can see what’s underneath. You must do this with each way , don’t forget to undrag the way after inspection. Those tests would reveal the problems in you cycleway.

Thanks for all the help. I’m trying to lean as much as I can and reading every thing I can find on how to edit. My plan is to correct and add to the map as much as I can in my area to make the map the best it can be.