routing apps using a "bad way"

Hello everybody,

I am currently in Cusco, Peru where a caravan_site is.
I heared from alot of travellers (Mostly with heavy, big Rigs/Campervans) that their routing app linked them the shortest way, also this way is the horribels one. No joke, the street got more than 20% incline and is very small. Many people get big trouble in there when they have to drive backward and then drive forward to the left starting in the mountain.

So: I want to get the street not to be used anymore in routing apps.
Theres a secondary road nearby that should be used fully and has a small incline, maybe 5-10%

can i use the vehicle: no?
or access: ?
I am not sure about this because i think the street should not be used as long you dont want to reach a destination in the street! :wink: I hope you know what I mean, my english is not too good…

Thanks all


PS There is another thing: The “Plaza de Armas” is surrounded by 4 streets, but in the last 4 days i stood here, only 1 streets is free for cars, i dont know in general, but maybe there is a option to mark the street not to be free always and give routing apps the chance not to use this street too… dunno…

I don’t see a question here.

You should really take up routing application algorithms with the individual routing application developers.

I suspect that any marking of low traffic routes would be self defeating, if the routing application was at all successful. It’s also likely that there would be very few roads which were properly tagged. It’s probably better done as a value added feature in the router, based on real time data.

In any case, it is likely to encourage “rat runs” (where high speed non-local traffic takes inappropriate routes through residential roads, to avoid congestion on the roads intended and designed for through traffic). Conversely, people suffering from rat runs may falsely mark a road as congested to prevent traffic being routed down it.

Hi Yngvar

have a look at
usage = discourage
“A legal right of way exists but usage is officially discouraged.”

I think thats the best way, if using this road could be dangerous for some vehicles.

For “Plaza de Armas” use the previous mentioned tags. You as a local mapper can choose best.

I am not a programmer, and dont know anything about algorythms.

I understand this(rat runs), but in this case everybody said “you drove up there too? it is horrible!” even the street condition is good and the street itself not dangerous (eg. like a mountain pass is)

Hallo Robster, danke fuer den Hinweis, auf der deutschen Seite steht zu discourage leider nichts. Glaubst du Routing Apps benutzem dem Wert? Aber das werd ich vermutlich direkt bei dem Entwikler anfragen muessem.

Thanks for your answers I will try the discourage

For the Plaza de Armas ( ) only the southern street ( “Portal Belen” ) is used by cars. The others have a moveable barrier. Never saw public cars there. The Plaza de Armas is the total touristic center of the city always over 1000 People around there.

Unfortunately, you failed to quote the most important part of the “discourage” line:

That value shouldn’t be used just because a mapper thinks using the road is a bad idea, because it’s unverifiable. It should only be used if there’s physical signage.

¿what about 4wd_only=yes?

This doesn’t mean the mapper believes the use should be discouraged, it means that there is an actual sign on the ground, or at least an official map with copyright terms acceptable to OSM, that says that use is discouraged.